Start Your Own Blog For Free

Start Your Own Blog For Free | Make $100 In Just 1st Month

Start Your Own Blog For Free- Do you want to share your knowledge and experience with all over the world or in your country or within your circle. You know this information can make changes in the life of many people, who need such valuable information.

By sharing such information If I can earn some money then it would be so much fun to do again and again.

Start Your Own Blog For Free

Yes, you can start a blog without any expense, which will also help you to earn a reward that is money. On the internet, free blog option is everywhere you can find it.

You would not believe that Google can give you such a beautiful place for blogging.

You don’t have to purchase a domain and hosting for the blog. Google will help you with all the details and training too.

Why Do Start Your Own Blog For Free

In the initial stage of blog writing, most of the people have the same problem that is fund or money.

But still, you want to share your knowledge and experience with others than who can stop you.

Many well-known brands are in the world who wants new blog writer come forward and share whatever information they have about study, education, writing, painting and so on.

On the top, you will find the name of Google as Blogger.

How To Start Our Own Blog For Free

To start your free blog you need your google email only.

Then go to and register with Gmail account.

Select a suitable theme or make it simple and use a simple theme.

Here are your blogger account is ready, Now you need the select name of your blog.

This can be little difficult to choose the new name of blog moreover try till you are not satisfied. But my opinion is to select a name according to your niche.

Niche is your special topic it could be fat, health, money-making, youtube creator etc.

In such a simple way you will start your 1st blog for free.

What Are The Other Option To Start A Blog For Free

You would find many other options like Forums, Guest Post and subdomain websites.

Here are the top recommendations are


It provides a free blog for the new upcoming blogger. This is the topmost used free blog after Google.


This is also a website making the brand, wix also give chance to make free websites.


If you join any forum then they offer free domain and free hosting to the new member.


Start your own blog for free is available with Google, Blogger, WordPress and wix etc.

You should do some practice on free blogs and then move to your own brand and start earning money from your blog. How to make money by the blog to know more read my other articles.

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