SEO Friendly Web Hosting | 4th Is Latest SEO Ranking Essential In 2019

SEO Friendly Web Hosting- You may have good content and SEO skill. But if don’t have SEO friendly hosting then sure you are going to waste your time. What qualities you must check before to select any hosting. What is the hidden information about hosting services?

You need to make your website SEO friendly. Here are Selected tips for better growth of the website.

SEO Friendly Web Hosting

You may have the best on-page SEO and also making top ranking website backlinks. But if you are still with bad quality Webhosting then I am sure you would lose a lot.

Surely good hosting services will not boost your rankings, but it is certain that if you do not choose carefully you can get into serious problems.

The Webhosting service provider is both, your car and driver too.

It hosts your website on the internet for service for all and it controls your speed to reach them also.

Load Time Of Website

The Web Server must be able to show the pages as fast as it can. The speed is very important for the user experience.

The total loading time depends on many factors such as the bandwidth, the hardware of your server and the type of content you serve.

Google also gives more preference to the speed of page opening. Therefore, a good hosting service would help you. Google informed that they use website speed in their ranking algorithms as one of their signals.

Website Uptime Percentage

The Internet never sleeps and it wants everyone on it must not sleep. Your server must be available 24/7 and able to handle a large number of web requests.

When it is unable to response you lose traffic and potential clients. Because of that, you should have a reputed web hosting provider.

If your site is unavailable when search engines try to crawl large amounts of pages, both the number of indexed pages and your rankings will be affected.

Almost every hosting service prover give guarantee for the best uptime but hardly few can complete there promise.

fast uptime will sure give you more traffic to your website. Because google like such best-performing sites.

Server Location

You must select the location of your data of website by the service provider because more nearby data availability will excess quick response to the visiter.

You can have shared, VPS, dedicated hosting. In all the case you can select the datastore location.

I will suggest you select the top search area for the quick response of date to the visitor.

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Multiple Option

Most of us love to have more features in any service. Am I right?

Something similar must be provided by web hosting too. Services like Automatic Backups, SSL Certificate, and Multiple Hosting Plans.

  • Automatic Backups: If something went wrong then you may lose your website data. To make secure it must have automatic backup services.
  • SSL Certificate: SSL has become a ranking factor in the competitive market. If you don’ have an SSL certificate in the beginning then its not big issue. But in the future you need it then your web hosting service provider must have it.
  • Multiple Hosting Plans: As you would grow then traffic will hit your site and you will require a strong hosting plan. At that time your hosting company must give you the chance to upgrade plan at any time.

Avoid cheap hosting services

As a developer, I have seen in the past cases where hosting companies were responsible for the installation of suspicious javascript in all the pages of the site. Such companies usually offer very cheap services in order to lure more clients.

Our advice is to select a provider that has a good reputation in the field, a strict policy against spamming and a clear Privacy Policy.

Plugins and Updated Servers

Some of the plugins of the web server are very important for SEO. For example, URL Rewriting modules affect the URL structure of the dynamic sites.

Additionally, it is very important to keep your site’s server Updated because in this way you will ensure that your site is secured. So make sure that your hosting provider patches the server regularly.

Final Words,

After reading this article all of you get the real picture of good and reliable web hosting service provider. Only a good and reliable hosting service will give you SEO friendly web hosting.

If you are not using a good and reliable hosting service then you don’t want to do something better on the internet.

Choose wisely and work hard to get top ranking in google search.

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