How to Make a Website?

Step 1

Select your website name

Step 2

Get Hosting with Free Domain for website

Once you find your site’s name, the next step is to get hosting & domain. The domain is the name of
your site ( and hosting puts your website on the internet.

Step 3

Choose Theme

More Themes

More Premium

Step 4

The Launch step

Install Astra Plugin

To get started creating your first blog post locate the ‘+ New’ and Post link in the WordPress Admin Bar..

Astra Starter sites

To create pages like the ‘About Page’ , go to ‘+ New’ and click the Page link under the WordPress Admin Bar.

Edit the content

To create the navigation menu, go to appearance & click Menu. After that build main menu and footer menu.


You're ready to Launch!

Wow! You have fully functional and
easy to oprate wordpress website

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